Single Day Training Evolutions

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A new offering for our LE Snipers as well as Civilians** to get the training they need when budgeting or time get in the way!

The curriculum for our single day training event, subjects 

and skill builders, etc have been taken directly from our Law Enforcement Sniper Courses and our Civilian PR series 1 - 3, remodeled to fit into a one day training event to ensure the attending students are working and mastering skills they signed up for. The days have been shaped to incorporate 10% classroom, 90% practical application. Whether you've attended one of our coveted training courses and need a refresher, or you're a new student with Max Ordinate, these training sustainment events were built for you to leave better than you arrived. 


Single day classes range from Basic Sniper Marksmanship to

Tripod Utilization, Supported Positions, High Angle Mountain Ops, Moving Target Engagements, Scenario Based Decision Exercises, Urban & Rural Hides, Vehicle Hides, and MORE! Click the Links below for information and registration pages. 

*** Not all single day sustainment courses are available to civilians, such as Basic Sniper Marksmanship, Scenario Based Decision Exercises, Vehicles Hides, and Loop Holes.