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Modernize & Sustainment Program



As workflow increases, joint or lateral duties begin to consume majority of an officer's time,

the wits and resolve of criminals is in a constant state of change forcing departments to

adapt constantly. The political climate. These all factor into a deteriorating state of readi-

ness for both the officer and their equipment. It is time to adapt. To modernize the SWAT

Sniper / Long Gun Operator. Our program is built upon accountability, modernization,

followed up with sustainment. Working hand in hand with the Team leader and Team

Lieutenant, we will revitalize the training, standard operating procedures, and

accountability protocols by offering a program of instruction each month that will continue

focus on foundational skill sets, while incorporating a building block approach with

advanced skill sets, deployment training, experience & professional learning opportunities,

and so much more. The program will evaluate and establish a baseline for the team that

will ensure ability to measure progress, problem areas, and training plan needs. Training

jackets, monthly & semi-annual qualification records, weapon records, accuracy logs, etc

are maintained both digitally and hard copy form. To limit mistakes, to have trust in the

abilities and capabilities of the team, the foundation must be where we build from.

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Training Program Details

• Team Evals & Readiness Check

• SOP Evaluation & Development

• Yearlong Training Plan

• Training Jackets updated monthly

• Standardized monthly Qualification

• Semi-Annual Qualification

• Quarterly:

          Ballistic Studies

          Case Studies Evaluation

          Night shoot events

           Training at Max Ord Facility

• Weapon & gear performance logs

• Go/No Go readiness criteria

• Once per month training session

• 12 Persons max per session

                 (Adjacent Agencies allowed)

• Hide Building a & Camouflage training


$1200/mo Paid Monthly

Year Commitment

We come to your location for training

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