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A new concept for 2021 offering UNLIMITED training ability for those who seek to not only learn all facets of the Precision Rifle arts but to maintain them! As a holder of the ALL ACCESS PASS you are entitled to register for any civilian training curse as often as you'd like, no black-out courses, no shenanigans. Complete access for (one) 1 Year from the date of purchase that will get you trained and keep you sharp. Pass holders will also enjoy (Two) 2 private training sessions with our highly regarded Max Ordinate staff on dates of your choosing***. Included with the ALL ACCESS PASS is a custom Max Ordinate gamechanger bag, Beanie / Hat, and T-shirt. The value of this offering cannot be denied and therefore will be limited to (Ten) 10 Pass holders per year. Once the passes are gone, they will not be available for purchase until a Pass has expired and a Pass holder has chosen not to renew. 

The Value is in the Numbers!
A typical 3-day training package with Max Ordinate costs $1000-$1200.
PR1.1 - 1.3: $1200
PR2.1 - 2.3: $1200
PR3.1 - 3.3: $1200
CompPrep 1, 2, & 3: $1200
Urban Precision 1, 2, & 3: $1000
Total= $5800! and that doesn't include private training days, or repeat courses! 

If you're serious about developing your marksmanship skills from one of the most sought out precision rifle instruction companies, this deal is for you! Payment options available for those who desire options. TOTAL COST: $5000.00

••• Private training days must be coordinated with Max Ordinate staff. Max Ordinate Academy will accomodate all training day request to the best of its ability but may deny private training day requests if they conflict with scheduled company business. To verify open private training days, check the website calendar. 

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