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Max Ordinate Academy is a veteran owned and operated Precision Rifle training establishment headquartered out of Las Vegas, NV. Our private training facility is located in Apple Valley, CA. The company was established in 2013 by Tyler Hughes, Marine Scout Sniper.  Upon his exit from the U.S. Marines, Tyler through a few contracting opportunities, observed a large disparity in training standards with regard to Precision Rifle and LE Sniper operations. He set his goals on building a prestigious highly respected training institution that would raise the bar and become the standard for civilian precision rifle and Law Enforcement Sniper training around the world. Today, we, Max Ordinate Academy, continue to set the standard in the Precision Rifle training world, developing new techniques and challenges to advance our students education, and integrating technology for maximum development. As we continue to grow and refine both our business and our training offerings, we have also grown in the permanent staff department as well as establishing a competitive shooting team. 

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If the need is urgent or related to training currently in progress please call:

702.765.0MOA (0662)

Tue-Fri 0830-1900 PST / Sat-Sun 0800-1900 PST

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