The Max Ordinate training facility is 150+ acres of private land nestled between Southern California mountain ranges. The unique location provides us a valley with several multi-discipline training areas and plenty of hillside peppered with static and dynamic targets. In the center stands a 3 story Craftsman Cabin that accommodates both our lodging and classroom education.

Range Overview:

  • Short Range Platform

    • 100 Yard 'zero' range

    • 300 Yards of static and dynamic targets

    • Positional shooting barricades

  • Long Range Platform

    • 100 Yard 'zero' range

    • 1760 Yards of static targets (known distance)

    • 800 Yards of dynamic targets (unknown distance)

    • 2 story shooting platform aka 'Fort Hughes'

    • Postional shooting barricades and buildings

    • 2 High Angle platforms

  • 5 Multi-discipline Platforms

    • 3 Pistol bays

    • 75 Yard Carbine bay

    • Movable targets, barricades and building frontage

Cabin Overview:

  • 3 story Craftsman Cabin

  • Comfortably accommodates up to 25

  • Chef Style Kitchen

  • Game Room

  • Class / Media Room

  • 2 Full Bathrooms

  • Electricity & Hot Water 

California Compliance:

The Max Ordinate facility is located in California and respects it's laws. The firearms owner / user is solely responsible to ensure they are compliant with all CA firearm laws. Max Ordinate will not be held liable for non compliance and may, at our discretion, remove you from the property for negligence.

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