The Max Ordinate training facility, our home for the past 7 years is no longer in operation as of January 18th, 2021. We are in transition to our new facility but these things take time to rebuild. Our new facility is located in Lucerne Valley, with multiple range areas at our disposal with targets ranging out to 2100 yards!  Our team has taken every step and left nothing to chance when ensuring that our students feel no drop off from our previous arrangement. The level of instruction provided if anything has elevated as our crew seeks to continue providing the highest level of training for long range precision rifle in the nation. 

Used Range Overviews:

  • 100 Yard 'zero' range

  • 350 Yard Mover Assault Range

  • Positional shooting barricades

  • Long Range Platforms

    • 2100 Yards of static targets (known distance)

    • Positional shooting barricades and buildings

    • 2 High Angle platforms

    • Moving Targets