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The Max Ordinate training facility, our home since 2021 is our slice of "Precision Rifle Long Range Sniper" heaven.  If you've trained with us in the past, you may remember the previous property, cabin, etc. Although it was nice location to train and conduct our business, it was not owned by us and all things eventually end.


With that being said, our current facility, while it may not have the creature comforts or lodging features of the old, the training venue itself is far above and beyond. Located in Lucerne Valley, with multiple range areas at our disposal with targets ranging out to 1760 yards! High Angle locations like no other. Field courses of fire. Moving Target areas.  It does what we need and more! The classroom and three guest rooms are converted shipping containers that have been modified with electricity, A/C, full remodels on the inside. Our guestrooms are simply a place to sleep and rest in more of a "man camp" style. We do have restrooms and facilities onsite as well. Its not the Holiday Inn, but if you're here for world class rifle instruction, you've come to the right place. 


Our team has taken every step and left nothing to chance when ensuring that our students feel no drop off in regards to training from our previous arrangement. The level of instruction provided if anything has elevated as our crew seeks to continue providing the highest level of training for long range precision rifle in the nation. 

With all that being said, we are constantly investing in ourselves and our facility. Adding upgrades, targets, movers, developing new courses of fire. It never ends and we never settle. Better than yesterday, thats the goal. We look forward to training with you. 

Range Overview:

  • 100 Yard 'zero' range

  • 250 Yard Target Range

  • 200 Yard Mover Rural Hunter Field Course 

  • 850 Yard Rural Hunter Field Course

  • 1760 Yard "Mile" target

  • Positional shooting barricades

  • 75 yard Pistol / Carbine range

  • Long Range Platforms

    • 1350 Yards of static targets (known distance range)

    • Positional shooting, barricades, and structure platforms for target engagement positions

    • 2 High Angle platforms

    • Moving Targets

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