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Max Ordinate Staff

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Tyler Hughes

Co-Owner / COO / Co-Podcast Host
Tyler served in the U.S. Marines as a Scout Sniper prior to establishing Max Ordinate 2013 .  During his 10 years in service, Tyler attended all available USMC Sniper Schools to include Scout Sniper Basic Course, Urban Sniper Course, Mountain Sniper Course, Scout Sniper Team Leader Course, and the Advanced Sniper Course. Tyler's performance during these courses led to graduating with honors to include SSBC Honor Graduate, SSBC High Stalker Award, and SSTLC High Shooter Award. Tyler's service includes multiple combat deployments to both OIF (Iraq) and OEF (Afghanistan).Upon his exit from the U.S. Marines, Tyler through a few contracting opportunities, observed a large disparity in training standards with regard to Precision Rifle and LE Sniper operations. He set his goals on building a prestigious highly respected training institution that would raise the bar and become the standard for civilian precision rifle and Law Enforcement Sniper training around the world. Tyler currently is the Operations Officer &  lead instructor for all Max Ordinate Precision Rifle & LE/Gov't Sniper Courses. Over the years not only has Tyler established the company as a respected instructor and innovator in the Long Gun world, he is an avid competitive shooter accumulating multiple 1st place finishes in multiple leagues to include PRS, NRL, Comp Dynamics, and Local Series. Tyler is viewed as one of the best shooters in the nation. 

Paul San Diego

Co-Owner / CEO / CFO

Jeph Savaglio

Co-Owner / Co-Podcast Host

Mike Ramos

Chief IT Officer

Nick Diaz

Civilian Precision Rifle Instructor

Nick Helbert

Law Enforcement / Military Sniper Instructor
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