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2021 Team Max Ordinate

Year 2 is in full effect for the Team! Initially beginning with 3 members in 2020, the team has added two additional members to the team for 2021. The idea and concept behind the team was to take a small group of shooters, regardless of experience, to develop and mentor in the art of Long Range precision Rifle shooting. Within the team, each member has goals and a desire to improve. The team makes it a point to meet at least once a month to practice, workout issues or problems experienced previously, and ultimately spend time in an environment that fosters learning and growth. Good Luck this year Team!

Tyler Hughes, Team Leader

Tyler refers to himself as "Just a Dude". He has been competing professionally for over 10 years in conjunction with running operations and training for Max Ordinate Academy. Tyler has seen the top step on the podium multiple times at both national and regional levels. His most prized win came at the 2019 Steel Safari by Competition Dynamics. Referred to as "The hardest individual Precision Rifle match" in the nation, Tyler was able to keep it together over a 3 day period to walk away not only the winner but the highest scoring shooter in the history of the competition. He has aspirations of running a "Clean Match" meaning both mentally as well as not missing a single shot on a national stage. Tyler enjoys spending time training with the team and ultimately desires to see them succeed while adding validity to the "Max Ordinate Methodology". 

Russ Huff, "The Old Guy"

Coming Soon!!

Vinessa Prescott, aka Cat Lady

Coming Soon!!

Nick Diaz, nickname coming soon

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Adrian Perez, The Music Man

Coming Soon!!
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