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Advanced Sniper Target Pack (Printed & Shipped)

Advanced Sniper Target Pack (Printed & Shipped)


***PRINTED & SHIPPED*** Our proprietary target utilized as the standard bearer for all of our Advanced Sniper Courses. Developed in 2015 by Tyler H. and M.S., this target has undergone 3 different versions to its current standing needing only 40 rounds to test required skillsets of experienced snipers and precision marksman. Currently, Law Enforcement agencies nationwide are utilizing this target as their annual and semi-annual sniper qualification target in addition to Special Operations units incorporating this into their training regimens. 


The Target begins with a COLD SHOT. Then proceeds to test the snipers ability to group and verify zero, tripod engagements, gas mask utilization, magazine changes, barricade shooting, malfunction drills, quick tripod deployment drill, and lastly unsupported positions. 

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