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Sniper Team Maintenance Program 


Maintenance Details

• Performed Quarterly by Us

       at your location

• Optics checked for function &


• Headspace Checked

• Round Counts logged

• Full Cleaning, Throat erosion


• Function Checks

• Safety Checks

• Triggers tested & Adjusted

       according to department regs

• Accuracy Check

• Ammunition Lot #’s verified

• Go / No Go criteria


$1000 / quarterly

paid quarterly

The Weapons Maintenance Program


Coming up on a decade now, Max Ordinate Academy has been teaching Law Enforcement

Snipers and one common negative trend is negligence in the form of rifle setup, optics

setup, rifle logs and round counts, general maintenance & cleaning, chambers out of spec,

accuracy standards not set or met, and the list goes on. Just recently during one of our

Advanced courses, a department’s rifles, across the board would not extract live rounds

from the chamber. This is a huge problem with regards to headspace, safety, function of

the rifle, etc. They simply didn’t know. Our maintenance program will set the standard for

cleaning, rifle accountability, optics, and rifles setup, mounted correctly, accuracy tested,

round count logs updated. Not only does this give the commander, the sniper, the team

confidence in their weapons systems but it also reducing the department liability due to

any faulty or subpar performing weapon systems. Accountability. Time spent in

preparation wins the day your number is called.

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